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Thread: WAD Manager 1.7 Issues HELP PLEASE!!

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    WAD Manager 1.7 Issues HELP PLEASE!!

    Ok so recently i been trying to get NetFlix on my Wii. I tried going to Wii Shop Channel to try and get it but it required me to update my Wii, which i cant do because i have a modded Wii version 4.2U. So i tried WAD Manager 1.7 and i can only get so far into it before my Wii mote starts not to work anymore. So i clicked on a different IOS and i think i updated my Wii Shop Channel. So now when i go to my Wii Shop Channel it blue screen appears and says "Error 002". I REALLY need HELP! Im stuck and dont know what to do. Please help! Thanks

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    You're already being helped in your first thread about this, please don't make the same thread twice (regardless of if you reword it or not)

    Thread Closed.

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