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Thread: Wii (Blue Screen Error #002)/NetFlix/WAD Manager 1.7 HELP!!!

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    Wii (Blue Screen Error #002)/NetFlix/WAD Manager 1.7 HELP!!!

    Hey everyone! Recently i been trying to get NetFlix on my Wii. I have Wii version 4.2U. (America) so i downloaded a WAD Manager 1.7 and i can only get so far into it before my Wii Mote goes off and doesnt work at the point anymore. So i tried a different IOS, and i clicked some things. And now when i try going to Wii Shop Channel, a blue screen will appear and will say "Error #002" and my Wii will freeze and ill have to shut it off then turn it on again. I really need NetFlix and im stuck. Can someone, anyone PLEASE help me?? I dont know what to do at the point and i could REALLY use some help, thanks!

    P.S. Its been awhile since i been on this site. I havent logged on here in years and i been out the hacking scene for a min. PLEASE help me!!

    I have Skype if you would like to reach me quicker

    Skype name- Mrstartj

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    Install IOS56 from ModMii or NUS Downloader.

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    How do i do that? I been out the hacking scene for a min now. Could you please help??

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