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Thread: Manually replacing files in ISO files using WiiScrubber; question

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    Manually replacing files in ISO files using WiiScrubber; question

    Every time I import a file into the ISO using WiiScrubber, it imports, closes the tree, recompiles, and then lets me do another file.
    Perhaps needless to say, I have to reopen the tree, find the file spot and import the next piece just to have it do all that again.

    When I'm replacing multiple files in a row in an ISO, this process becomes exceedingly tedious and long. Is there a way to have it do all the recompiling etc after I have it import all of the files I want?

    I'm doing this to get around having to use Riivolution. There's a custom quest pack for monster hunter tri called "Ultimate Monster Hunter 3." Replacing everything takes a looooong time, but I do want to use their pack (because it's awesome).

    So, tl:dr:
    Is there a faster way to replace files in a wii game's ISO file that I'm missing?


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    Try Opening the with a rar program such as winrar, and try doing the replacing hat way.
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