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Thread: Loading WBFS File Using Neogama.

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    Loading WBFS File Using Neogama.

    Alright, so I've modded the Wii and I'm looking for some advice.Using a 2gb fat32 formatted stick I have a backup of my wife's new super mario bros wii. Awesome. So now when I go to Neogama and tell it to load games from usb and then I press a to mount it will tell me that there is no wbfs partition. The current format is a fat32 drive with a wbfs folder and the backup inside the folder. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

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    Hey mate why don't you use usb loader gx to play your backups? In my opinion its a much better loader and looks great.

    Get it from here and just install the wad that comes with it for a full channel of the latest version and revision.

    usb loader gx

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    Not sure but i think Neogamma can only load from a wbfs formatted drive or from DVD only, no fat32 support. Try Configurable usb loader or usbloaderGX. If you have the old sort DVD drive you can use it to rip the game to SD or USB with cfg usbloader. Mario ends up as a 350meg file.

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    So I took your advice and went with CFG and it mounts. then when I go to start it tells me wbfs error.: not a wii disk. Booting Wii game IOS 249 IOS Reload: Blocked. Any ideas?

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    USB Loader GX I didn't even see it show up at all. I've got it loaded now through wiiflow but it's picture is going haywire

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    Maybe one of you guys will be able to help on this. I have the Game Loading through most USB Loaders. USB Loader GX sees the game now but goes to a black screen after selecting the game itself. If I load it on the other loaders it shows up but has a distorted picture shaking and is all grey. I really hope someone knows what's going on with it.

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    Is it a game from another region? I know it works on cfg. You might have to edit one of the config files so it points to the right slot/cIOS.

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    They're US Games. I can get them to load and everything correctly using the USBCfgLoader. It's awesome. However it does tend to freeze up after 30 minutes or so. I want to find a fix to this so I can install my kids games and then not have to worry about them breaking their games. Which they have a habit of so I really hope someone knows what causes it.

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    Could be a bad rip or a hard drive going into sleep mode. Probably cfg using the wrong cIOS. Not sure what the recommended slot for cfg is. You might have to edit the config files in the usb-loader folder, thats in the root of the SD card. Their is 2 of them, 1 is called settings.cfg the other is called config.txt. I can never remember which 1 gets priority. Try slot 248 or 250.

    With usbloaderGX you can change the IOS with the GUI on the Wii.
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