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Thread: How to partition WBFS into two file systems, then make one a FAT?

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    How to partition WBFS into two file systems, then make one a FAT?

    Configurable USB Loader has recently implemented Devolution, which allows one to install GameCube games on the USB hard drive.
    ...but I have a WBFS file system on the hard drive I've installed all my games to, and apparently you can't install GCN games to WBFS partitions with CfgUSBloader.

    What I want to do is install my GCN games up onto the hard drive, but in order to do that, I apparently have to have a FAT partition, but my drive has only one unpartitioned WBFS file system.

    Can I have some advice that'll help me out with being able to install my GCN games onto my hard drive?

    Putting discs in my Wii when I want to play GameCube games might cause me to get up off my ass and break my back or poke out my eye with the corner of a case or something tragically unfortunate along the lines of that, so I prefer the convenience of being able to load different games by simply pointing and selecting them in Configurable, like I do with my Wii games.

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    You cannot partition a WBFS file system, What I would do is use wii backup manager to copy your backups to your pc. Then follow this guide to formatt your hdd to fat32 FAT32 guide Once all has been done just copy your games back in wbfs format to your new fat32 drive.

    PS The fat32 guide will show you how to copy your games back to your hdd.

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    I was afraid of having to do that. D:

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    Thank you! You currently are my hero. I'm gonna give this a try.

    EDIT: Ack.

    ERROR 6 : WBFS is corrupted: Blocks used multiple Times (try "wwt help verify" to fix or use ignore-error-6 to ignore)
    How do I "try 'wwt help verify'"?
    It doesn't seem to be a valid command line operation. Any suggestions?

    EDIT2: I'm an idiot--the answer to that question was right there in front of my face in the link you pointed me out to.
    I'm gonna try this again.
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    Although I had to re-install some games that were allegedly corrupted, everything's good.


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