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Thread: This is a Dolphin question more or less but seeing as it's Wii.

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    This is a Dolphin question more or less but seeing as it's Wii.

    So. On my Ubuntu 10.04 machine I've installed Dolphin Emu and a system menu to it and I'm working on utilizing the full softmod tutorial. Why you may ask. Well. If I brick my wife's wii again she'll probly get a lil pissed. So I've got the wii up and running on the PC and I've got something called sd.raw which is an emulation sd card. Does anyone know how to add files to this file using the Debian/Ubuntu OS or am I searching in the completely wrong place?

    So it was mounted using fstab and emulating an SD card. New question. I have a partial system menu running and so I'm looking to see if anyone can help out here. Does anyone have a full nand dump of 4.2U that they would like to share? It'd be great so I can install it on the Dolphin System and further emulate it thinking it's a real Wii. Thanks.
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    I can't say as far as the sd card but I know for a fact that the NAND is the property of the wii system and is not allowed to be uploaded, you have to get it by dumping it or you build one.


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