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Thread: Can I use a computer HD

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    Can I use a computer HD

    Hello all. I have a 320gb computer harddrive. I also have a USB to IDE/sata transfer cable and power source. Would there be any reason I couldn't use this in place of a USB flash drive on my soft modded Wii?

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    Umm, you could always try it and see.
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    320GB is best for Wii games in wbfs format. Holds about 100 games.

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    My 500gb is WBFS, but current thinking is more FAT32 (either is fine). I think it more an issue of this guy's... creativity (read: desperation) in asking if it is physically possible (compatibility-wise), lol

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    I softmodded my GF's Wii and use a 500GB SATA laptop drive in FAT32 format with a Cablestogo USB adapter with no issues whatsoever.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I love the pizza box pic. I am actually putting the Hd in an empty xbox360 shell, not much better. Lol!

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    I got a USB serial to ATA Bridge box from my local computer parts store [about $12 from memory), added an old laptop HDD, and have had no problems at all


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