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Thread: classic controller 2 won't work on emulators

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    classic controller 2 won't work on emulators

    I recently got 2 classic controllers to play my old games on the emulators. Currently both fceux gx and gens+ gx will both only recognize the player 1 controller while player 2 can only function with the wiimote. Do all these emulators only support 1 classic controller at a time? They're both real nintendo controllers not aftermarket.

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    i have a similar issue. My classic controller (as in the controller that plugs in to the bottom of the wii remote) is an official wii controller and is fully functional for all emulators excpet the genplusgx (1.7.3) emulator. With the genplusgx i can only use the wii remote. any help would be much appreciated.

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    you have to plug the classic controller in first for the gensplus to see that it's there and then select it in the options-->controller screen the icon won't appear unless you do... second classic still won't work though


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