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Thread: help plz

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    help plz

    Hi all, can any body plz try and give me some help or advice on my iphone problem. About 20 mins ago my phone has said outdated version installous will now terminate. does this mean i have to re jailbreak it or could i do an update any info would be great thanx.

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    Its ok now ive found a fix and got it working again

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    Please dont post iphone problems here.
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    You wont get help on installous as that is piracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapid View Post
    Please dont post iphone problems here.
    lol, this is the iPhone section, why can't he post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post
    You wont get help on installous as that is piracy.
    Even aside from that (very legitimate point), Installous shuttered themselves ("Closed for Business"). The OP certainly will not get help with this and substitutes thereof, agreed.

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