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Thread: Playing gamecube backups on 4.3U?

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    Playing gamecube backups on 4.3U?

    Alright, so I had an iso of Tony Hawk's Underground for the GC, a game I bought years ago, and felt like playing it for some nostalgia. I softmodded my wii, completely forgot what guide I used but w/e,
    so I burned the GC iso to a disc and put it in. Next up, loaded NeoGamma from the Homebrew channel. It detected the game ID and the console it was made for, said it was loading.
    I got a flash of a green screen and the wii rebooted. I've searched and searched, can't find anything on this. I figured I'd sign up and ask here. Thanks to anyone that can help me

    Quick thing:
    I burned it to a DVD-R, but not a mini one -- if that matters
    I tried loading from USB but can't figure out exactly how to do that. I just kind of formatted the usb device to FAT32 and copied the ISO over. It can't find it.
    I do have GC memory stick thingys plugged in..all that.

    Help? Anyone?

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    Hmm...thanks for the reply, I'll have to find the original disc and try the Devolution thing. The copy I was trying to load, admittedly, was torrented HOWEVER I do legally own the game, the disc is just in storage and I didn't feel like getting it, so I downloaded a copy. It says that it requires the actual disk in order to play for the first time, so I'll have no problem getting the disc pretty soon, making my own backup and trying the devolution method you listed.
    Let's see how this goes...
    Thanks again!

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