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Thread: wii black version issues

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    wii black version issues

    hello, i just softmodded my wii 4.3U black
    i used letterbomb
    after i installed homebrew and bootmii
    i did not made a backup
    i then used wiimod to install wad cause i have only motion plus remote
    before i installed wads sport resort worked but after its asking a system update and cant play it
    its a original wii dvd game i had before
    now im trying to update homebrew channel thru homebrew browser but again the remote dont respond
    how do i manage to work with my motion plus remote thru apps?
    also i have lots of pal games how do i play them is there an updated version of app?
    all i found posts were from 2009 regarding this
    im really new to this
    homebrew channel version is 1.1.0 ios58 v.25.32
    thanks for help
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    Simple: use a real guide.

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    can i do the backup after i have everithing up and running with updated wads and everithing?
    i skiped the backup before installing wads


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