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Thread: help please wont update

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    help please wont update

    hey guys

    ive bought the mrs just dance 4 for christmas but it requires an update to play...

    i did softmod the wii ages ago and it git put away.. i have tried the factory format but still wont update online or from the disc...

    any help please as she really want to play it lol burn the christmas lb off lol

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    If your Wii is softmodded, never ever try to update through Nintendo, it will brick your Wii. Follow the " Softmod any Wii guide " to update your softmod, you can find the link in my signature.

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    tried that mate formated the sd card but the wii wouldnt pick any data up off the card?

    well i followed step one and extracted the content to the sd and that put 2 folders on the sd card and then the wii wouldnt pick anything up from it??

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    Did you try the LetterBomb method ? Chances are your HBC is outdated, so you might as well use that. If you used the " Homebrew channel already installed " method, what does the file structure look like, and what file system did you format your SD card to ?

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    ok well there is nothing on the wii at all now, but i can still acess the preloader (holding reset while turning on)

    here is what was on the sd card i backed it up before i started trying to install the softmod any

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    Can I see what is currently on the card, and what was it formatted to ( FAT, FAT32, etc ) ?

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    its FAT32 formated mate,

    i have just put so its got (folders: private, wad.. files: boot.dol, hackmii)

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    Are the files set up like this ?

    If so, you should insert your SD card into your Wii, go into the Homebrew Channel, and launch WiiMod, select Wad Manager from the list, install the two .wads in the wad folder. After that exit and relaunch WiiMod, this time select App Manager and go into the apps folder and then the hackmii folder, select hackmii_installer_v1.0 .

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    no mate well yes it was but that way didnt work.. i didnt show anything up on the wii. its now this set up

    thats following this way
    4.0-4.2- Bannerbomb v2

    download, Extract file to sd:\
    alternate Bannerbombv2 files-B, C- If the boot.dol does not load, try these, just extract to sd:\
    -Click the SD-ICON from the wii channel menu- load the boot.dol
    -WiiMod will load
    -Select Wad Manager -Press A
    -Press 1, -Press A -Install all Wads
    -IOS58 and IOS61 will install
    -Press "any button"
    -Press B to go back to WiiMod's main menu
    -Press the Home button and exit to the System Menu
    -Put your SD card back into your computer and navigate to sd:\
    -Right click on boot.dol and select Delete. You MUST delete this file.
    -Right click on hackmii and select Rename. Rename the file to boot.elf

    -Put the SD card back into your Wii
    -Click the SD-ICON from the wii channel menu- load the boot.dol

    -Hackmii Installer Loads

    just waiting for the mrs to finish her program _ lol

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    Oh, you're trying to use BannerBomb ? That won't work if your Wiis firmware is 4.3, you can check that by going into the Wii Settings menu, I unfortunately can't test that method since my Wii is 4.3u.

    Since it isn't working, I would try either the first method the guide describes, or the LetterBomb exploit ( which I prefer ), with the LetterBomb, all you do is go to the website the guide lists, give it your Wiis MAC address, enter the the capatcha code and then click either the " Cut the Blue wire " button or the " Cut the Red wire " button, they both give you a file, you copy those to the root of your SD card. When you get back to the Wii, you look at the Message Board for a letter with a bomb sticking out of it, if it isn't on the screen, go back a day and it should be there.

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