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Thread: Wierd Full Brick

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    Wierd Full Brick

    Two days ago , i was trying to turn on my wii after one month that she was turned off , i noticed that she had the same symptoms of a full brick ( black screen , remotes can't connect , green power light , dvd reader with light) .
    The last time that i turned on my wii , i didn't went to menu because i had not battery in remotes to press the A button , so i turned it off , untill 2 days ago when i noticed this problem . So my question is , is this a normal full brick ? i had a softmode installed , but the true is that i can't remember if i had bootmii instaled , because i did this like 1 year ago ... and the only way that i read to solve this problem , is by a preloader ... is there any other way to fix this? can be a hardware problem? pls help

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    Hey mate download this and put it on the root of your sd card, then boot your wii, if bootmii loads we may be able to fix your wii.

    bootmii files click to download

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    Could be also bluetooth or wifi module; mauifrog would be better suited to assist you.

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    the bootmii files didn't work :s nothing appears on the screen
    how can i know if is a bluetooth or wifi problem? btw , when wii is off ( red light) i can turn it on by the power botton in remotes , so remotes are ok , right?


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