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Thread: Advice on updates needed for novice PLEASE!!!

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    Question Advice on updates needed for novice PLEASE!!!

    Hi there, hope someone can advise me in SIMPLE terms ways to overcome my problem please
    Before I start I must admit to being a total novice with this, so please be kind... My son was bought a wii last year which had been softmodded (Homebrew/WiiFlow) already. So far, so good, no problems. However, bought my son Skylanders Giants and a U-Draw tablet for Christmas, but unable to use them as it's advising an update is needed. Please be assured that I have been looking at the guides you guys have recommended for the past 2 days, and so far I have IOS, WAD, Hackmii and God knows what else running round in my head, making me more confused than when I started (especially as I still don't know what half of it means!). The info (if it means anything to anyone) that I have got from the wii is that we have 1.0.8, IOS61 v21.29. If anybody out there can advise a simple(ton) lady like myself how to get around this problem, I would be very appreciative.
    Thank you.

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    Install priiloader to block updates, you may also want to post a syscheck so we can tell if your softmod is up to date

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    Thanks guys, am currently trying to decipher some of the guides you recommended (remember I told you I'm a novice...). I may be back to pick your brains again, if that's ok?!


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