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Thread: DIOS MIOS - Game Freezing Issue

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    DIOS MIOS - Game Freezing Issue

    So I've recently installed DIOS MIOS and I've been able to run games flawlessly. Completed Tales of Symphonia with no issue. Four Swords Adventures, no issue. However with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles the game freezes with a loud noise during the magic fusion tutorial. My brother played NFL Street 2 and the same thing happened. I doubt it's an issue with the iso as I ripped the disc to my harddrive directly from my collection and the exact same issue happened with 2 different games. Both games are compatible according to the compatibility list.

    Could it be an issue with harddrive incompatibility? I've had absolutely no issues with it when I played any Wii backups.

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    Are you referring to the duplicate post? I posted a revised version of the OP from this thread in the dios mios thread as I felt it more appropriately belonged. I'm not familiar with forums such as these. I'm used to being able to delete a thread if necessary but since I don't have that power here I was going to edit the OP but this reply should suffice.

    Now if you'd kindly not bump the thread as I know of no other way for it to disappear into oblivion.

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    I'll just close this one. Snes has answered your question in the guide.


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