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Thread: CFG Super MarioKart Theme

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    CFG Super MarioKart Theme

    Dear All,

    I have recently followed the "Softmod any Wii" tutorial and all went well. My children can now play their games without the need of utilizing original CDs :-). Whilst browsing through the "Updates" section of CFG, I discovered that I could download themes. Owing to the fact that my Wii had Mariokart included, I decided to download the Super Mariokart Theme.
    Although the theme downloaded and "Super Mariokart Theme" appears in the style settings of CFG, the theme doesn't seem to be active. Is there a step that I'm missing in order to activate the theme?

    Thanks in advance for your help. I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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    There's a whole host of themes for this loader (some very good!) It's been awhile but likely there's an "apply" type button that tells the loader you wish to use that theme as default. I'm also hoping you're using an SD card for that to be downloaded onto, or a FAT32 type HD. I have a theme on mine, awesome stuff!

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    Thanks for your immediate reply. Yes I am using an SD Card. I can confirm that the theme has indeed downloaded correctly into the sd:\usb-loader\themes\Super Mariokart Theme directory ;-) I however can't seem to find the "apply" button.

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    I think you have to edit one of the config files. They are in the usb-loader folder on your SD card. One is called settings.cfg the other is called config.txt. Open them with a text editor on your PC. Can never remember which file gets priority.

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