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Thread: homebrew installed but some ?s

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    homebrew installed but some ?s

    Hey everyone,
    Im new to the site and new to the Wii. I got it ofr christmas and had a few questions on what i can do with it. First off the Wii i have is a black Wii and it states it is running 4.3u. Ok so i was trying to see how to get the HBC and priiloader. I got the HBC on the console as i had my 2g sd and loaded the 2 files nessecary. Went back and reformatted the SD and installed some "other " things. I was tryin to install priiloader and noticed that evertime i got into the MOD Masters menu the remote would die. Downloaded wiimod 3.1 i think and it was fine i was able to load the files. Went to load priloader and it stated nothing was detected. I have an app file in apps called Priiloader for motion plus and this is the one stating no files detected. Inside the folder there is a boot.dol and icon. I have no meta xml or hack hash. I notice in the preloader app folder that is not for motrion plus it has boot.dol, icon, hacks-hash and meta. Not able to use this one as the remote dies.

    I was wondering. SInce i have the HBC and have usb loader gx loaded do i need to install priiloader? Not looking to do anything crazy, just looking to have friends games loaded onto my ext. usb drive and play them. Also when i loaded the hbc i also installed bootmii. But when i get on the HBC and hit home, i then click launch bootmii. It brings mee to the MMM and i have to restart the console as the remote dies. I odnt get a screen with 4 folders on it. DId i do something wrong or can i redo it?

    this is my first post and have been researching since last friday. Thanks for any and all help

    I did notice hitting power, reset and eject will get me int othe priiloader menu. I just went in it and didnt do any changes.
    I said id wait and went to play a game and since i have been messing with it, just put in the disc that came with the system and it says before i can proceed i need to update the system. Obviously i didnt and shut it down. DOnt want to screw anything up. SO where do i go from here?

    I found another posting saying on the Wii u that installing priiloader will brick the wii.
    Im assuming 4.3u is a Wii U

    As this is my first post in this forum i apologize if i put anything on here i shouldnt have.

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