By my understanding the wii-u gamepad uses an 802.11n wifi-direct based protocol for communicating with the wii-u. I'm not sure how robust the miniport system in windows or Linux are but would it be possible to make a mini port driver for the wii-u gamepad to allow us to use it with our PC similar to wiimotes? I know the pro controllers use a modified Bluetooth pairing that people are already trying to crack but I haven't heard anything about attempts at cracking the gamepad.

If nobody else knows anything about it I'll poke around with mine and see what I can find out, but I don't have much experiences with WiFi based protocols.

I think the Wii-u gamepad would make a sweet addition to PC gaming, especially games that use multi monitor support.

If anyone knows anything please let me know, I'm sure there must be other people who are curious too.

P.s. sorry if this is the wrong place. I wasn't sure if this should be PC or wii-u and software or hardware. If it belongs elsewhere can a mod here please move it to the right place? Thank you.