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Thread: USB External vs. Internal Hard Drive

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    USB External vs. Internal Hard Drive

    This has probably been asked a number of times, but here goes:

    I'm going to Best Buy later to pick up a hard drive, in order to copy all the games I have currently on a rigged up internal hard drive, using a SATA adapter to a USB port in the Wii.

    Now...should I get an internal hard drive and keep doing the same thing? it safe to get an external USB drive and move my game collection there? I'm looking for speed and read access here, I guess, right?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I would go with the external hdd, but make sure it is usb 2.0 compatible. Most of the newer ones are usb 3.0, but there are a few that are both.

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    Either way is fine. I prefer an external one that is self powered, but whatever work is fine.

    May want to look HERE before you buy anything.

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