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Thread: New Wii 4.3U Dont have a disconnect in the Wii24connect

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    New Wii 4.3U Dont have a disconnect in the Wii24connect

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this community and want to wish everyone, great holidays. I bought a new Wii afew days ago with the version 4.3U and because I downloded the Homebrew channel using letterbomb I dont want to be 24connect with updates from Wii. But my system dont have the option to shut it up from the settings under wii24onnect. Can anyone help?

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    You should be able to get to this in the settings menu:
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    Hi thanks, but I dont have that option on the wiiconnect24, unless I have to go thru the whole agreetment acceptance, which I have not done. when I press the wii connect24 buttom I get a Please review the user agrretmnet in wii settings to use the wii shop channel or wiiconnect24

    I you can't disconnect in the new 4.3U version how can you be safe fro bricking the system if nintendo access your machine.
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    then accept the agreement, duh...


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