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Thread: When updating the shop channel using RVL-Shopping v21...

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    When updating the shop channel using RVL-Shopping v21...

    I needed to update my softmod so I could backup newer games, so I followed MauiFrog's excellent guide which mentioned upgrading the shop and IOS. Now, I softmodded my Wii over 2 years ago, so I haven't updated ANYTHING but the cfgLoader since then. I figured I should run these updates as well, so I loaded them on my SD, and after installing the ModPack WADs, I started on the shop update. Here's where I hit a snag, the shop WAD starts to install fine, but right now it's at "Installing content #37..." and has been there for at least 40 mins. Now, has the process frozen or is this install gigantic? If it is frozen, how can I proceed? I don't want to just shut off my console because I don't want to risk messing up the process of the softmod.

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    Sure did; the checksum was a-ok! I did wind up turning off the Wii, so when i turned it back on it said that my system memory was full. I thought that might be the problem so i deleted some games I had bought from the Virtual Store years ago that I never play and freed up about 1000 blocks. Thinking that might be the problem, I tried installing the WAD again, and it froze in the same spot.

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    Witch wad management program are you using and what IOS do you use for the install?

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    WiiLoad v3.2 and IOS 236

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    I meant WiiMod 3.2* sorry about that mix up. I'll give Multi-Mod Manager 13.4 a shot.


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