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Thread: Stub ios how to replace them

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    Stub ios how to replace them

    Hi guys. I only play wii once in a year, when I visit my parents. I'm sorry to start like this, but I cant really recall how my dad's wii was last year.

    As far as I remember the wii is softmoded (its a 4.3 version) but HBC 1.10 is installed (used to be 1.0.7) but I've updated it.

    But usbloader gx stop working, it complains that the wii does not have ios 222 249 or 250.

    Running syscheck it really seems that I have none of them.

    I found a thread: teaching how to softmod any wii.

    My question is: Considering I have HBC installed, do I need to do all that, or is there a way to "fix" my wii with proper ios?


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    Your soft mod is Gone, you will have to re-do the Mod.
    Follow that Guide.
    Start from the Spoiler that says, Soft Mod With Homebrew Channel Installed.
    Follow the guide to a "T" and you will be all set.
    Please read the Guide a few times, then proceed.


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