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Thread: NTSC USA Wii semi-bricked. Help plz.

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    Unhappy NTSC USA Wii semi-bricked. Help plz.


    A friend of mine just gave me his WII that appears to be SEMI-BRICKED, by what iīve read so far. I am a newbie and am looking all over for a fix.

    My WII is Modded with D2CKEY and is a USA VERSION and i canīt realy identify the actual version of the Firmware, because the console refuse to enter in the Settings Menu.

    I have been trying to fix my wii for the past weeks and have never actually found a resolution. Some threads suggest that I burn the iso fix by bushing and run it on my wii. I have already wasted more than 10 DVD-Rs burning things like "wii-system-menu-update-USA-v289-repadto.iso" to date and none has worked so far. I always get a screen that say that Disk Data is Corrupted whenever I pop the DVD into my wii.

    The weird part is that 20 of my 30 games Work. But games like Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart and some others wont.

    The internet also donīt work and i cant enter Settings to set up my screen, so its all missconfigured.

    According to my friend the issue started after he ran an update from one of the games that he bought. He couldn't remember what the game was. I am at lost and do not know what else to do to fix it.

    Could anyone please lead me to the right direction? I am so frustrated and so worn out. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help!

    Iff i could just downgrade everything to ZERO and start all over, like a new wii i would be glad.

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    Well, updating...

    I got the settings screen back to work. I did this by using a update provided by 1 game that the name i donīt know.

    Anyway, with the settings back i configured the Internet so now i can conect.

    And i updated the firmware to 3.4U.

    But now what was bad became worse. None of my backup games will load. Only Wii Sports is loading.

    Iīve formated the WII memory but that havenīt helped.

    Iīve also noted that i have alot of duplicated channels that include 3 Forecasts and 3 News channels.

    What can i do? Downgrade? Help! =)

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    you updated out of region, so you update and youll be fine

    as for those games, many require exact IOS's and some require updates to the chip

    and downgrading just installs or deinstalls the firmware files not everything like homebrew

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    After some research on the internet i found that i wont be able to load my backup in 3.4U

    What should i do. DOWNGRADE...

    But iīve searched a little more on the NET and found that i need GENUINE ZELDA to downgrade...

    Is there any way to downgrade without the Genuine Zelda? Some said me that i can Load a backup Zelda on 3.4U using some shit called IOS. But i realy donīt know what IOS is and i donīt have Home Brew channel or other shits...

    My WII on the moment is looking exacly as a new one on the 3.4U version

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    no if you can load a backup youre fine
    only with a bacup
    not true
    look into it you **** ***


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