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Thread: 12gb super slim HELP/ANSWERS NEEDED

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    12gb super slim HELP/ANSWERS NEEDED

    i just bought the new 12gb super slim ps3

    it came with FW V.4.21 straight out the box but as soon as i pluged it in it completed a system update
    NO GAME INCERTED so FW is now v4.31 and i was wondering is there new CFW going to be released for this new SS ps3 and if so when?

    I have read that the ps3 needs to be on FW V3.55 for CFW to be added IF so how will this work with the new SS as the FW starts at 4.21.

    i also want to know if can i downgrade to FW 3.55 on this new console?

    or do i need to wait till some1 cracks the new SS console


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    You can hardware program it, but I'm not so sure. Forums for the PS3 might help you better.

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    PS3 can only be downgraded if it was 3.55 OFW or below before the upgrade as far as I know. So unless they have come out with something new to get CFW on the PS3, you are stuck with it. Craigslist or hock shops be your best bet if you want to snag a console maybe with CFW already on it or maybe one that can be downgraded or one that is below 3.55. I have been on the prowl myself for another one, for legit online use that is, and the super slim does look nice.


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