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Thread: External hard disk loader via WiFI

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    External hard disk loader via WiFI

    good morning,

    I have an external hard disk phisically connected to a wifi modem router. It's possible to access the hd from all my personal computers connected to the LAN in 2 different ways:

    - as file repository through SAMBA server (Network place) installed on my router,
    - as Media Center through DLNA server installed on my router.

    I'm also able to access the hd as Media Center from my Wii through WiiMC installed on my WII.

    I'm able to access from my Wii the hd as file repository ONLY when the HD phisically connected to the Wii through USB Loader installed on my WII.

    To avoid to switch -each time i want to use the HD for DVD dump and for gaming- the physical connection of the external HD between modem/router and the WII, my question is:

    does it exist a loader able to see the HD in the LAN via wifi (and load game stored in the HD and dump game on HD) when the HD connected to the modem/router?

    thanks a lot for your answer

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    No such thing exists. The only way to dump and play your Wii games is to connect the HDD to the Wii's USB port.

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    Actually, I do remember seeing something like this, but it was years ago when this stuff was still newish and it sounded really slow, I have no idea where you would find out how to do it now. Just go with connecting the HDD to the USB ports.

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    thx a lot.
    Only a question: since the program would be really very usefull (to avoid to buy an additional external hd) , why not yet available? too difficult to develope??

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    I believe the answer is that the Wii's wireless capabilities are not that big as to support streaming of large games (each game for the Wii is on average 2GB) through Wi-Fi. Also, the Wii, having just 512 MB internal storage, cannot possibly cache the game.

    This may be possible with the Xbox 360 and the PS3, though.

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    Well, like I said, it was years ago, I have no idea where you would find even find it anymore. It probably ripped the full 4.7GB off the disc in parts to accommodate the 512MB of internal storage it has. All I know for sure is that it was really, really slow. I would just go with connecting it to the Wii. There is another way which involves using your PCs DVD drive ( has to be one of those rare LG drives ) to rip the game with RawDump. I don't have one of those rare LG drives ( and probably never will ), so I can't confirm how well it works.

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    I don't think the 512 MB wii internal storage could be an issue: the wii when connected to an external hd through the usb ports works fine, so 512 MB internal storage is not an issue.
    Probably it could be a problem the data rate: 480 Mb/s for an USB 2.0 against 54 Mb/s for a a/b/g wifi (but not for an n wifi = 600 Mb/s).


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