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Thread: Genuinely Downloading Tracks or Games using Softmoded wii

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    Genuinely Downloading Tracks or Games using Softmoded wii

    Hi All,

    Is that legal to buy Tracks or Games using Softmodded Wii ? I am willing to pay for tracks or games, but not sure whether i can use the Softmoded Wii to do that ? Can any one suggest ?

    Thank you

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    Is it Live, or is it Memorex?

    In other words, you've been warned (and while appreciated that you've... reworded things). Might simply content yourself searching with the above being 5 minutes old --- eh?

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    thank you for the reply.

    I am willing to pay for the Games.

    I soft modded Wii to back up my games only. When we searched for the specific track, it took us to the Store. Wii is softmoded and hence we are worried to buy using Wii store. The Game is original though. Never bought any game online store, hence the doubt and always have bought the disks from the electronics store on offers.

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    I'm sorry, but you specified in your previous thread that you had torrented the game (Just Dance 4). But since you're not asking about piracy this time I will leave this thread of the other staffers can decide what to do with it.

    If your question is whether you can use the Shop Channel to buy stuff or the actual games to buy their DLC then yes, that's ok. There's nothing to fear in buying downloads from their official sources on your Wii. I myself have bought a number of things from the Shop Channel and my Wii is still alive.

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    Thank you SNES Master.
    I only wanted to know whether i can use the Shop channel to buy stuff .

    Softmodding was not done by me, it was done locally somewhere as a paid service. However he suggested not to connect to internet while playing games, hence we are worried. And suggested not to download the games from the store.
    He installed a program called WBFS software into my computer, which he downloaded from some torrent software. I dont know more about that.

    All the games i have are copied to External hard disk using WBFS program And the original disks are kept safe.
    Hence we are worried to buy online using Softmodded Wii, since we used WBFS to copy the DVDs to Harddisk.


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