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Thread: Download Music track for Just Dance 4 in Wii

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    Download Music track for Just Dance 4 in Wii

    Hi I have a Softmoded Wii, which works perfectly so far. I understood that Gangnam style is already available in Just Dance 4. But I didnt want to buy it through their store, as the Wii is softmodded and the Just dance 4 was downloaded from Torrent and converted using WBFS.

    Is there any way i can download these sort of Dance tracks using my computer instead of using Wii ?
    If i use the Wii to download the tracks , will they detect that these games were pirated as well the Wii is Softmodded ?

    Can the experts please help suggest ?

    Thank you

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    Piracy is against forum rules, we cannot help you. Thread closed.


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