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Thread: Cant connect to black ops multiplayer

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    Us Cant connect to black ops multiplayer

    Alright, m sure people will say something like "read the black ops guide" and I did. Thats how im able to even load black ops for singleplayer. But for some reason when I try to even access the multiplayer menu I get an infinite load screen. I am on menu version 4.3 (usa) and am using the proper cios (250 ver57 or whatever its called, I know its the correct one from the guide im just bad with remembering numbers)

    I have priiloader set to block system updates as well.

    Can anybody help me? I dont even want to cheat online, I just want to be able to play this without losing all of my mods/bricking my wii. (also, trying to load from disk and neither neogamma or gecko fix the issue)

    Do I have to download the patch manually or some?!?!?
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    hahaha, what is the dumb patch?
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    So you acknowledge reading the guide (presumably the wiihacks one), but yet felt compelled rather than ASKING IN THE GUIDE, to create your own separate thread? Your logic escapes me...

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    I figured this board gets more traffic, and therefore I would receive a faster response.

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    Try reripping your disc, maybe it didn't rip right. Other than that I have no ideas, you should do as suggested and post in the guide you referred to.

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    @Bulbingking,Wow... do you really want to get an Infraction or worse banned for the profanity??
    It would do you some good to Read the Rules.

    Thread Closed.
    Don't make another one , when there is a guide for it.
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