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Thread: New Super Mario Bros Wii: Black Screen after "Hold remote sideways"

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    New Super Mario Bros Wii: Black Screen after "Hold remote sideways"

    After I press 2 at the "Hold the Wii Remote sideways" screen, the screen turns black with no noise. The game is an NTSC iso, by the way.
    This only happened after I altered the iso, by replacing the stage .arc files with ones from the New Super Mario Bros. Wii File Depot. I also added in a Sonic and Toad/Toadette skin for the characters, but it didn't freeze the iso before when it was a stand-alone. It seems that the addition of the levels made the iso "freeze." How do I fix this?

    Funny thing, the iso works perfectly on Dolphin, but when it's on the Wii it goes to a black screen, like stated before. I usually load my iso's from USB/CFG Loader.

    Here's some things for you to know:
    - I replaced all the original LEVELS, TOWERS, CASTLES, GHOST HOUSES, and DOOM/AIRSHIPS.
    - I gave the character skins to Mario and the Toads.
    - I followed a bulk replacement guide (Removed Out Side Link.).
    - I did NOT trim or scrub the iso when I was done.
    - My Wii is 4.3U
    - I used WADManager to install IOS53-64-v5406
    - I am using a NTSC iso of the game
    - iso works on Dolphin but not Wii
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