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Thread: I know its been asked a hundred times

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    I know its been asked a hundred times

    I tried combing through the thread but at over 380 pages I think its become quite a bit bloated.

    I modded the wii a year or so ago. I am trying to update the system and DL the netflix channel. I dont see anything that says how to do that as of now. Just links back to a guide that was made in 2010.

    Is there a specific post we can refer to?

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    Update the system --- what? Update your softmod, you mean? That's not 380 pages, that's in post #1, page #1 (as is how to update the Shop Channel). STOP MAKING POINTLESS threads --- only shows you're unwilling to actually read the guide itself. Thank You!

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    It has been way more than a hundred and they all get directed to THIS thread.


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