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Thread: IOS 38,53, and 55

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    IOS 38,53, and 55

    Can anyone have the download link or know where I can get the 38,53, and 55 ios files? The link on admirals tutorial is broken or something. when i try to open them up i get a archive error. thanks for the help

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    i downloaded them fine ...

    Here are the needed files
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    people have been saying that, but i uploaded it to the forum -,_-,

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    for some reason i could not download them on my desktop, but could download 2 of them on my laptop. the one ending in 4633 i had to search for it. I think it may have something to do with a computer setting? I installed all 3 and was finally able to play need for speed undercover.
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    I downloaded those and installed them :l
    Animal Crossing still doesn't work for me D:

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    boot in gecko OS
    boot in gamma error 002 fix
    or swap the IOS to 30 not 38 *just do gecko =P*

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    Oh thank you! C:
    I'm DLing Gecko now

    wait, what is gamma error?
    I guess I'm making progress because I used to get 2 errors that overlap each other. Now I just get one :3
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    its a special made backup loader, which fixes games that wont boot that give error 002

    gecko OS will let you cheat, and will 100% let you play if it matters

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    I see > <
    Well I installed the 3 things.. Got Gecko OS
    and it still won't go :/ it says no DVD >< And I know I burned it right cause Tatsunoko vs Capcom works fine.
    I did that network backup with a real AC disc then burned it. Should I have done something to the iso before I burned it?

    edit: also Gecko OS isn't working for me at all, T vs Capcom doesn't work on it. It works on the other backup loader :[
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    Gecko OS works for originals and those with Modchips. It is not a backup loader.

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