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Thread: Black screen after i load usb loader gx ..please help

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    Us Black screen after i load usb loader gx ..please help

    Hi thank you all for your information in here .

    Im new to wii trying to use iso games thru my usb .
    i have instaled

    1 ---hbc and boot mii
    then the usb loader gx

    i can see the game but when i start it .i lose sync on my remote and the screen goes black

    2---i saw another treath about this issue so i did a softmod thru ur site followed every step and all [COLOR=#009900 !important]downloaded[/COLOR] good .all wads prrrloadr and protection.
    i also downloaded all packs in your treath "wiisoftmod any guide "but no result
    still every time i try to open the game it goes black and remote keep blinking bc its not sync .

    is there a solution or maybe i should try wii flow or other way with usb .
    please help thank you .

    wii version 4.3 and when i ty running game it says ntsc

    I recently tried wiiflow but i dont know how to use it ,it says download disc .

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    This was answered in the first place you posted it:

    Quote Originally Posted by llaffer

    Try a different loader. Older applications that have not been updated recently do not know how to handle the most recent model of remotes.

    Or try to find an older remote. The only way to know for sure that it will work without additional poking around is to find one that does not have Motion Plus built in.

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    MSINE Please read the Rules, and do your best to follow them.
    Thank You.

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