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Thread: updated once before - still safe?

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    updated once before - still safe?

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    Never update from Nintendo, disc or online.

    Thank you for this thread. We were bricked in '09 and we reluctantly purchased another Wii given Nintendo's costs to fix & ship.

    This Wii is at least a year or two old, it's black; it's the black Wii console. We bought the extended warranty, etc., should the brick thing happen again. At the time, we had no idea what a brick was - but I was very suspicious of the whole situation.

    With this new Wii, I believe we've updated it once online, following the prompts. Held my breath the entire time but all went well.

    So I want to do everything outlined here once I get some time to do so, since my daughter has Just Dance 4 & it's asking for an update - and the Wii is on lock-down until I figure all of this out.


    Here's my question - since I've updated once before w/out problems; will I still be able to softmod my Wii?

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    If you want to soft mod your wii...just follow the Soft Mod Any Wii Guide.(Link is at the bottom of my Signature.)

    You don't have to update through Nintendo.
    Once you completed your soft mod you will be able to Block Online and Disc updates with Priiloader.

    Please read the Site Rules ,Cause you posted in the Intro section that was for someone else.

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    And, we might be able to help you fix your old Wii too!

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