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Thread: Screen goes dim, then goes to blank after a couple minutes

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    Screen goes dim, then goes to blank after a couple minutes

    I have 4.3u. Used letterbomb, installed bootmii as IOS. Then I loaded many IOS's (using modmii). Things worked well day 1. But now when I load HBC, the screen goes a little dimmer than system menu. I can then launch usb loader GX and launch a USB backed up game. It works fine, but after a few minutes, it seems to go to screensaver. The screen just goes blank. If I up the volume on the TV, it comes back. But then goes away. I rebooted, to no avail. It does this with all games, whether from disc or USB. I've checked my AV in, unplugged and plugged in, I move the screen time out in HBC to 1HR. - to no avail.
    Any thoughts?
    cIOS's loaded
    202, 222, 223, 224, 249, 250,
    9-64-v1034, 11, 12-64, 13,14,17,20,21,22,28,30,31,33,34,50,52,55,56,57,58 ,60,61,62,70,80

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    Post a SysCheck as described here in a reply to this thread. Are you using composite or component cables?

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    Edit: ModMii is a great tool, but wiihacks does support their own softmod guide as can be found here.


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