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Thread: I can install games fine to the SD card but I not to a USB drive

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    I can install games fine to the SD card but I not to a USB drive

    I am not sure where to start. I softmodded my Wii and I am able to install and playback games from my SD card inserted into the Wii just fine. When I try to install games to the USB drive which is formatted as Fat32 (64 gig PNY) it wont do anything. CFG loader once got through the whole thing, as in the file progress made it to 100% but never actually completed. I took a look at the drive after it was done and it sat as a tmp file. I also tried WiiFlow but that just sits at 0% when I go to install. Both are able to create the file structures on the usb drive.

    About the usb drive, I know it works because I was able to load up homebrew apps on it and then boot into those apps from the Homebrew channel. Both WiiFlow and CFG are able to see the USB drive fine.

    Any ideas? SD card works fine, I installed 3 games on there and was able to load them up. USB loads homebrew but refuses to work for installing games.

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    I'll give it a shot when I am back to the Wii this weekend.

    Any ideas as to why it can rip fine to SD and not to the USB? If it's installing and playing back games from the SD does that at least mean the system is correctly modded or are there additional things required for the USB installation not needed for SD installation?


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