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Thread: help please with CSI Fatal Conspiracy

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    help please with CSI Fatal Conspiracy

    Hi all, usually I google questions I have, but this time I really need help. Each time I start CSI:Fatal Conspiracy from usb loader gx or wiiflow it resets to wii menu. I mean it boots perfectly fine to the game, but when I select mission 1 new game it resets wii to wii menu.
    This is happening because game reloads ios. Earlier post with same issue can be found : Removed Outside Link.
    it's more than 2 years old so I thought I will post a new one, rather than on top of that one.

    How to fix it? I am using softmoded 4.3e version.

    there was some suggestions to:
    1. Used Blue Dump on WII to create a wad file of the installed cIOSX rev20 with (base 56) in slot 249
    2. On Pc used showMIIWads open wad, changed slot from 249 to 56 and changed title version from v20 to v65535
    3. Copied wad back on to sd card and installed via wadmanager v1.7

    1.Now Blue Dump v0.3 throws many errors, and bootmii doesn't work so how can I dump the wad?
    2. So I skipped first, downloaded some 249[56]v22309.wad from the internet, used showMIIWads to change from 249 to 56 and version to v65535.
    3. After this step it still didn't work.

    Am I doing something wrong? could someone post step by step or more details? or could someone reupload cIOS56[WAN56v20]-v65535 please as megaupload is down.

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