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    40 y/o father of 2...Softmodded the boys' Wii roughly 2 years ago using "Larry" something's softmod guide. Want to say I found it on the time it was considered the holy grail of softmod guides...I've done, and continue to do what I can to actually understand what I'm doing insofar as modding, but in the end, I'm admittedly just carefully following directions...And therin lies my problem...

    I've never understood "maintenance"...what to keep updated and how...and it's become a problem over the last week or so...

    Decided to put a second Wii upstairs, did some poking around and did the Letterbomb mod...found a .zip that had, supposedly, all necessary files to install USB Loader GX...but obviously something is amiss...

    Most obviously, USB loader GX appears to be an older version than the one on the downstairs Wii...and I can't get it to update.

    Today, it became glaringly obvious something was wrong when I couldn't get Skylanders Giants to recognize the pedistal...tried both up and downstairs...Looking through these forums I found talk of loading w/ IOS 247 and also IOS 249...249 didn't fix the issue, and 247 wasn't an option...more forum searching...found the applicable thread and they discussed installing d2x IOS v.8...downloaded the installer, and it appeared to work, but when I go to load options, 247 isn't an option...Don't want to get in over my head and brick I'm letting 'em play on yet another (unmodified - yep that's 3) wii...

    Will continue to read, learn and TRY to understand, but I'm much more PC savvy than Wii savvy.

    Joined the forum in hopes of figuring things out, and to perhaps stumble upon a kind soul willing to work me through what I need to do...USB has been no problem w/ the microphone and music games play well...though I think a couple have issues (downstairs)... Haven't tried upstairs yet as that's more for the 3 y/o...

    Anyway, I'll be off reading...but my goal is to get both Wii's up do date w/ the latest and greatest...just don't know where to start being that they've already been modded...

    If anyone out there is willing to help...greatly appreciated....

    Otherwise, I'll consider myself introduced....

    - Dan

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    If you follow the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide linked in the following welcome message I believe it should straighten out your issue, it sounds like you have an IOS issue (most likely one or more are outdated) but as I said, the ANY Wii guide should fix that.

    Welcome To

    You Have Just Joined The Best Site For Your Wii Needs.

    Here are The Forum Rules
    Please read them and Do your best to follow them.

    Now, let's get that Wii Modded.Below you will find the best Soft Mod Tutorial around.Follow it to a "T" and you will have everything running smoothly.
    Here is the The Best Softmod guide around
    MauiFrog's SoftMod Any Wii Guide
    Yes! This guide is for all Wii's.

    Here is The basic's about what you will be doing and what you will need to know, please read this as it will prove to be useful.
    This is Bluphant's
    Basic Introduction To Wii Hacking

    Remember we have alot of material that can help you out,so please have a look at these Tutorials & Guides.
    Here is a link to other useful Tutorials and Guides.
    Recomended Faq's

    Backing up your games can be done two ways.1.) Through your Usb Loaders. 2.)Through you computer using The Wii Game manager.
    To Backup your games This program Will Be needed.
    Peire's Wii Game Manager Guide

    Please be aware that newer Wii's Do not play back up disc from the disc drive. Your only option will be to load from the Usb port.Usb Loading is recommeded as you will not have any lag and if your lazy like me,you won't have to get up to change the Disc.

    Before you go out and spend money on a HDD for your Wii,make sure that it is on the Compatibility list.This will save you time and money.

    For Compatibility For Hdd Please refer to the link below.
    Favs Usb Compatibility List

    Formatting your Hard drive is not hard.Read this Guide a couple of times and then proceed to format.You will be pleased with the out come.I recommend the fat32 guide ,because you have your HBC/Emulators run from your HDD and your Usb Loaders With out the need of having two partition's.
    Now your need a way to Format you hard drive.I recommend Pob3008 Fat32 Guide.
    Pob3008 Fat32 Guide

    Now those games that give you problems loading like MW3, we have a Guide for that. This guide should get those troublesome games working.Please ask question's in that thread if you are unable to get them up and running.Somebody will get to your post as soon as possible.
    For those Troublesome games,have a look Here.
    Bmarlo's Ultimate List Of troublesome Games & Solutions

    Blackscreens and Freezes can be caused by a number of things, Please take a look at the link below first before posting your problem as it might have already been asked and answered.
    For Blackscreens & Freezes.Please refer to the link below.
    Playerkp420 Blackscreens & Freezes-Causes And Solutions

    Problem with music games? Not a problem.Look here.
    Peire's The Ultimate Guide To Music And Dance Games

    For Modchip User's Please Look Here.
    Wii Modchips

    More Useful Guides
    ShadowSonic2 Ultimate WiiHacks Index

    Ithian's WiiHacks Guides:The Auther Index

    Bmarlo's Multi Mod Manager Guide

    Bmarlo's Free Signature Giveaway 2.0

    Thank You For Joining,

    Donation's Are always Appreciated and it helps to keep up and running.


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