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Thread: Wii UDraw and System update request.

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    Wii UDraw and System update request.

    Got one of our kids a Wii Udraw for Xmas, it comes with a tablet of some kind, disc, etc.....
    uDraw Tablet for Wii with uDraw Studio -

    Anyway, They put it in and it states that it needs to update.
    So I didn't take it due to obviously bricking the Wii or messing up something else.
    What is it going to update?
    Anyway around it for now?

    First time I've seen a game ask for an update since modding the Wii so any advice on this would appreciated.
    Rundown of my system.
    Used this guide to mod the Wii:
    System Check from a month ago,

    as far as I know, nothing has changed except updated the Shopping Channel from Guide posted on this site. I might need to do another syscheck, if so, let me know please.

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    If you followed that guide correctly to mod your wii then it would not be asking to update. Priiloader is part of the guide and is designed to prevent that. According to your syscheck you do in fact have priiloader installed. Load it up and be sure the "block disc updates" hack is enabled. You should have "block online updates" enables too.

    Hold in reset button while powering on (keep it pressed) then the priiloader screen should appear.

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    Nailed it skellinator! I must not have saved the Priiloader options when I first modded.



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