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Thread: Moved from US to UK, brought my Wii with me, want to play UK games

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    Moved from US to UK, brought my Wii with me, want to play UK games

    Hi folks,

    Christmas nightmare occurring...
    Brought the kids Wii from USA to UK this summer, now it's Christmas, new (UK) games have been purchased by family and I am just realizing that I'm a numbnut for not preempting them. They ofcourse do not work because of the region.
    I have read through lots of the stickies and I'm totally baffled and no where near competent enough to attempt the soft mod.
    Is there any way I can play the UK discs?
    Right now I can see my buying a second console because we have 15 or so US games, but the family here is unable to compute that you can't buy UK games as prezzies!

    Console is a LU212 serial code if that makes any difference.
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    Hey mate, The only way of playing non region games on your USA console, is to softmod your wii. Follow this guide its by far the best softmod guide on the internet.

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    Did you mean Homebrew?

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    What I would recommend to Alex is you go make a post in the Introductions section. You will be provided with many helpful links there

    Shand0 Yes, homebrew.

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