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Thread: ISO Loader that loads from a usb HDD

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    ISO Loader that loads from a usb HDD

    Does an app exist? if so could someone link me, ive run out of dvd's and i cant get any till the morning lol i wanna play some other wii games :'(

    (i use the softmod btw)


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    no. Nothing available as of yet.....

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    i think it will just be a matter of time, i did hear of a chip which will have a sata hd connection. I don't really think the wii if fit for usb iso loading as the usb's are 1.1, correct me if i'm wrong

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    i dont think it will ever come

    the LOADER is Sh*t at best... most of the homebrew community doesnt believe in piracy, so you think their gonna make a better app.... when they cant even make the Disc perfect =\


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