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Thread: Is it possible to "Jailbreak" a new wii?

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    Question Is it possible to "Jailbreak" a new wii?

    Hello guys, im all new into nintendo wii. I have been thinking to buy a new nintendo wii (which probably have the latest firmware version? or what it's called)

    Anyway, i dont know what you call it when you "jailbreak" or mod the nintendo wii, but if i buy a new nintendo wii, is it possible to mod it so i can download and put games on my external hdd?

    Thanks in advance =D

    EDIT: i know that there is several post on this forum on how to do it, but i don't know what to search since im all new to this
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    Well I am going to assume that you did not read the rules you just agreed to. If you had then you would have made an introduction post. If you made that post you would get a reply from one of the staff with tons of links to point you in the right direction and help keep you from failing. So why don't you go ahead and read those rules and make that post so we can see if you can managed to follow the rules.


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