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Thread: How do i switch games?

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    How do i switch games?

    I have an sdhc card with 4 games on it. I selected one of the games in the wiikey menu and played it just fine.

    But now i have no idea how i select another game on the same sdhc card?! How do i make the wiikey fusion menu appear again instead of the game i first selected?

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    I don't know if this is the standard method, but I've been unplugging my Wii power supply and plugging it back in to get back to the menu.

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    HOLD the power button until it turns off then just pick the next game

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoBstangg View Post
    HOLD the power button until it turns off then just pick the next game
    I have not been able to do that on my "family edition" Wii. The power button light goes from green to red, but it does not go black, and when I switch it back on, the last loaded image is still loaded. I must've held the power button down for about 10 seconds. Am I supposed to hold it down for longer than that, or shall we just conclude that it doesn't seem to work that way on the family edition (the one without GC ports)?

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    Oh, hang on, I just read something. Haven't tried it yet, but nobody ever told me to push eject before turning the wii off. That does seem to make sense. I'll try that later. Chances are it'll work.


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