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Thread: Why does my Wii start up on Multi Mod Manager? HELP!

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    Why does my Wii start up on Multi Mod Manager? HELP!

    Everytime I turn on my Wii with the SD Card in, it opens up with Multi Mod Manager. Why is that?

    It is only when the SD Card is in though. If I turn on my Wii without the SD Card, it turns on normally, and than I can put back in the SD Card and it'll work like normal.

    So what is the problem? How do I turn on my Wii and have it open up like normal without having to take out the SD Card everytime I wanna turn it on?

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    Rename the bootmii folder on the root of your card to bootmii1

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    Wow!!! That worked!! Thank you so much!!!

    You know, I'm a new member here and Never would I expect to get help on my FIRST THREAD and SHOCKINGLY the FIRST POST.

    You're AMAZING! I'm glad I signed up for this site
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