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Thread: Can't access ngc game file on memory card to play on wii

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    Can't access ngc game file on memory card to play on wii

    Hi guys,

    I finally just made my Wii able to load some ngc games. However, I still have a problem, which I didn't find any answers for yet.

    When I load my game, and it asks me which memory card port to use, I select the one my ngc memory card is in which is the port A. And the game won't load my previous game files. It doesn't freeze, it just keeps searching.

    I'm running with USB loader 3.0, and used MMM.

    Does anyone have an idea?

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    You should post this in the thread you used to get your wii running gc games, that is where the people who know the answer will see it.

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    oh ok...and where do you think this is exactly? Didn't find any other place to post this actually...

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    What skell was saying is that whatever guide you followed, you should post your question in said guide. Did you follow Pob's DML Guide? If not, you should. And ask any questions about it in that thread.

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    Hi guys,

    Still having the same issue, with NMM. I've tried to create a profile, no problem, on Def Jam Fight for New York. But when I want to load my profile, the game just keeps searching. And according to the compatibility list of Dios Mios (i have version 2.6) for NMM, it should be compatible.
    I have the same issue with a physical memory card.
    Does anyone ever encountered the same problem, or would be willing to try with this game to see if it's normal? Or anybody has this game, and it works just fine? I got it by direct download on [site name removed]


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    Piracy not supported here, sorry...

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    You will not get any help with this.
    I am closing this thread.

    Please be aware that we do not support Piracy.


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