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Thread: hi everybody =)

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    hi everybody =)

    hi all, me and my 5yr son are both Wii-tards but he's taking the step in2 DS land D'oh!.
    all this DS DSI XL ect ect is killin me!!! not sure if im ordering a bking or watching a crime drama lol.
    i have looked around stores online ect, could anybody make it simple what the differences are please.
    are they all 3D? i looked at 1 in a shop and the 3D was awful like bad acid.
    do all games work on all?
    can they all be soft modded oops! flashed on here i think.
    i think he wants DSI XL (what is it) wen i look it comes as ds 3d?
    he needs an xl as he's got cataracts in his right eye so wen he's playing the Wii everyday he wears a patch on his good eye.
    hence my thoughts about 3D???

    hope this makes sense =)
    yrs zappa

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    ok, only 3ds or 3ds xl has 3D features. You need to get a flash cart to play ds games on it, currently no flash cart can play 3ds games.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.


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