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Thread: Yabause Wii Help with ISO and running games.

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    Question Yabause Wii Help with ISO and running games.

    please delete post.
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    That's a nero image. The fact you're unaware of this, points to a possible rules violation (piracy) if further discussion is given. The mods would need to decide that, but I suspect that to be the case.

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    i know nrg is nero file and I can convert them. To Iso. I should have been more clear and I apologize. I know I can convert them as well. But my question is I dont have any other files with it. Like wave or mp3. I do have my sega CD collection with those files. A long time friend of mine ripped my discs for me and he is no longer with us..... so I didnt know what to do next. Its been a long time. Im sorry not trying to do anything wrong.

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    ya know what.....nevermind. Id rather not loose membership here because of this post. I like the community here. I just wanted help.

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