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Thread: Softchip Loader error002

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    Softchip Loader error002


    I'm new here!

    I bought CoD Black Ops cd a while ago, I opened the softchip loader r92 on my wii to start the game up, but I'm getting a blue screen error : ERROR~002
    I guess Black ops needs IOS57 , while I dont have the 57 on the loader
    Any help?

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    More importantly, use a modern softmod technique -- look here.

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    Ok, THANKS!
    Another question..
    I need to use the wii shop channel, im using 3.4U
    I'm afraid to update and get error 002 that i read about on the web, anyways to update?

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    Did you bother to read the previous link I gave? I suspect not... (read: I know you haven't).

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    And also in the link you gave me I cant find anything for Softchip Loader, theyre only Neogamma and Uloader
    Sorry if my questions seems stupid to you guys, Im kinda noob in the wii system

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    Hence my original reply, "a modern softmod technique." That guide is what we recommend and what the users here support. Part of this may have been made clear to you if you had Introduced Yourself as site rules recommends new users

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    Softchip loader is very outdated, as Nightstah says read the Softmod any wii guide, and softmod your wii again.


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