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Thread: another just dance 4 issue

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    another just dance 4 issue

    hi gang trying to download gangnam style for jd4 got a error code 206710 something like that any way i downloaded the jd4 dlc wad can remember where so i installed it with wad manager 1.7 straight away got error #1 error 1022 every where iv read said that what it should say i loaded up the game when into jd4 store to try and download it gs all i got was error 206710 any ideas how to get it on im running 4.2uk spec many thanks

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    Downloaded the wad ? Wy not go into the shop in jd4 and buy the dlc ?

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    its wont let me keep getting error 206710 code iv updated the shopping channel to v21

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    So exactly what HARD MOD do you have installed? If the question should baffle you, please consider the section your thread appears in.

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    I looked up that error and this what I got.
    Error Code: 206710
    Wii Shop Channel

    There appears to be an issue with the Wii Shop Channel. Please wait awhile and try your connection again later.

    If you have waited several hours but are still receiving this error code, please call 1-800-255-3700 for further assistance.


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