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    Can anyone please tell me how to put a WBFS file onto my WBFS version 3.0? I have watched a youtube clip of how to do it but the person who posted it has a totally different version of WBFS, and mine version doesnt have a ADD option on the task bar!!
    Many Thanks in advance.

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    I cant give much info on wbfs manager, but most everyone is leaning towards a fat32 or ntfs formatted drive. Do you already have games on the drive or are you starting out new?

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    If you insist on using a WBFS drive you really need to download the WiiBackup Manager. Using it is the easiest way to add files to your drive.
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    I hope some one can reply to me with some clue .I want to know what do i do wrong when i am trying to transfer the iso file from add file into drive 1 or 2 cannt show the highlight for both drive ports or cannt transfer the file even i tried more than one iso wii game files same result, why can not work for me??i cannt see the usb port in any drive 1 or drive 2??

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