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Thread: Error (ret=-1)

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    Error (ret=-1)

    I received this error when i tried to load a wad file from Pimp My Wii. Please help.

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    And which guide on wiihacks advocates using this little "Brick My Wii" program again?

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    Thank you so much for your excellent advise for my current problem

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    nightstah making friends I see, lol

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    Your witticism is quite astounding, as is your comprehension. "You're welcome" --- perhaps you should read the RECOMMENDED GUIDE section, hmmm?
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    Well it looks like I made a mistake in thinking that this little forum might have useful insight for me.

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    Mistake in not reading the rules you mean, right? Like the one that suggests first-time posters Introduce Themselves? There you'd get invaluable links to get the job done right.

    Nobody on wiihacks recommends Pimp My Wii; it is for a reason (made abundantly clear in our little nickname for that program). Good luck... stellar start to things, thus far.

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    You might want to read the top of THIS GUIDE about brick my wii

    SD/USB Loader Error: Hardware not recognized. Most likely have a cIOS installed incorrectly, out of date, or missing. Possibly formatted the SD card or USB incorrectly, is unsupported, or not enough space.
    Q. I have formatted the device correctly but I am still getting this error; how would i fix this?
    A. Be sure to have the device hooked up to the Wii before you power it on. You may lack USB support as well. Installing a newer cIOS 249 would clear this up.(cIOS249 [56] d2x-v6)
    Wad Install Error:Most likely you have cIOS installed incorrectly, out of date, or missing.Your SD card is not Formatted as FAT16 or FAT32 properly, reformat it. If a file was needed, then it was not in the correct folder.Each application needs its files in specific folders, so pay attention to that. Can also be a bad wad or not enough space on the Wii. (example: If your installing cios38rev17 offline make sure you have ios38-64-v3867 on the root of your sd)

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    I really don't think this guy much likes the answers (though yours are more diplomatic) he's gotten based on a PM received at this end, lol


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